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Birthday lunches are ways to celebrate remote teammates’ birthdays. The group can gather to enjoy a meal together, sing happy birthday to the lucky colleague, and play games. The host can send cake-in-a-jar or birthday snack cakes for team members to enjoy at the end of the meal. In this activity, each team member brings a dish tied to a special memory and explains the significance of the dish. You could assign a theme to the event, such as “your favorite food as a child,” “family recipes,” or “college comfort food,” or simply tell teammates to order a meaningful meal. This exercise gives teammates a glimpse into each other’s personal lives and can speed up the relationship-building process.

These visual work summaries show you how you’re spending time, money, and other resources. In terms of work procedure, there’s a slight difference between whether you’re tracking time manually or automatically. You might want to remote work blog remember these options in case you’re already working with one and want to switch because it’s not just the thing for you. Time tracking is the process of recording and monitoring the time you spend on an activity or project.

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Fore reading recommendations, here is a collection of book lists. Ginger Pineapple Chicken—The perfect healthy lunch or light dinner choice, with a minimum of preparation time and just a handful of wholesome ingredients . The good news is that your work-from-home meals don’t have to become a drag. A matter of fact, you actually have more opportunities to eat well since you have a kitchen at your disposal. When you work from home, there’s a chance that you have more time alone. Close the shades, dim the light, and set a timer to keep from falling into a deep sleep.

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In unprecedented times where many of us are working remotely and conducting meetings online for the first time, it’s important to remember what works. Energizers are a great way to keep your team engaged, high-spirited, and have a little fun while also being productive. This is arguably even more important in an online environment where groups don’t get as much face-to-face time to have fun and feed off one another’s energy. Powerpoint Karaoke is a great way to not only energize a group but also improve team bonding and communication skills.

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Learn about the benefits and requirements of taking a sabbatical and how it can impact your employees. Actionable Ways to Successfully Manage Global Teams This article explores the importance of global teams for business. It also contains practical tips that can help you successfully build and manage global teams that work. Charades is a popular team game that many people are already familiar with. Similar to a meeting, but the agenda is to discuss all things non-work related for 30 minutes over a cup of tea or coffee. Whatever challenge you might be facing as a remote worker, remember that — as opposed to office workers — you have the freedom to create your own routines and habits that work for you.

The first step to staying motivated when working remotely is clarifying your personal vision. Reviewing your daily accomplishments while reflecting on your broader vision is another surefire way to regain and maintain motivation. Now that you’re working remotely, life will look slightly different . However, if you rely on the 20 work at home tips we’ve listed above, the transition to the freedom of a flexible work style will be smooth and successful. Having a solid way to end your evening is crucial to improving your work-life balance. Especially for workers who want to balance working and traveling the world, such a routine can help create a strong boundary between work and downtime.

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Speaking up is not only about you but also about the collective intelligence of the entire team. Your input could be the missing puzzle to another team member’s breakthrough. There are several practical tips for working at home or on the road that can help plan out your work when working remotely. Start by creating a task list and make it a habit to refer back to it regularly. This list should include all the tasks you need to complete within a predetermined duration. A short break after every minutes is a chance to give your prefrontal cortex a brief respite.